Workshop for competent authorities and operators in the intensive rearing sector, Institute for Animal Husbandry


The workshop for competent authorities and operators from the intensive rearing of poultry and pigs sector was held on 30th June 2016 in Institute for Animal Husbandry in Belgrade-Zemun.

Having in mind that the biggest problems on the farms in Serbia are related to manure management, it was decided to organize one workshop dedicated to this topic. Mr. Robert Spajić, expert on the project from the Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek, presented experiences from Croatia regard the storage and use of manure, techniques for land spreading, composting of manure and animal by products, risk assessment of existing lagoons, decommission etc. Mr. Nenad Brkić, expert on the project, presented a code of good agricultural practices in Serbia.

The workshop agenda and presentations can be seen here. Photos from the workshop are available in the Gallery tab.