The second conference of the project was held on 9th February 2017 in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade with the aim to present and distribute Manual for preparation of integrated permit and Energy Efficiency Manual. Representatives of operators, local self-governments, Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, University and other authorities and organizations were attended the Conference.

The conference was opened by Mr Miroslav Miletic, vice president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and as the host of the conference he thanked everyone for attending the conference and reminded all on the importance of this topic.  On behalf of the Embassy of Sweden, Mr Robert Nygard, First Secretary, addressed the attendees, welcomed everyone and spoke about the current results of the project and cooperation with the Faculty.  Mr. Aleksandar Vesic, Assistant Minister, on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia, thanked the donor of the project on trust and investment in this sector in Serbia. He emphasized that farms, in the coming period, need to carry out measures to prevent environmental pollution, or where it is not possible to prevent pollution, to take measures to reduce negative impact on the environment, and that the result of these activities will be issuance of integrated permits. Prof. Dr. Djordje Janackovic, Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, thanked the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade and participants on interest shown. He stressed that the manuals were prepared to facilitate the preparation of documentation for integrated permit, and emphasized some of the results of the project such as amended Rulebook, increased number of applications for a integrated permit and establishment of a network of interested farms and better communication between Faculty, relevant Ministry and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Consultants presented the manuals: “Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control in the intensive rearing sector of poultry and pigs – Manual for the preparation of application for integrated permit” and  “Manual for the efficient use of energy on farms for rearing of poultry and pigs”. Also, consultants presented the individual plans that are an integral part of the application for an integrated permit according to the IPPC Law.

In the second part of the conference, representative of Environmental Protection Agency of the Republic of Serbia, Mr Nebojsa Redzic, presented an amendment to the Rulebook on the methodology for the development of the national and local register of pollution sources and the methodology for the calculation of the amount of pollutants emitted into the air from farms. Ms Dragana Vidojevic presented SEPA’s publication – Agriculture and the Environment in the Republic of Serbia.

Nearly 200 participants attended the conference.

The conference agenda and presentations held in the conference can be seen here. Photos from the conference are available in the Gallery tab.