Seminar for selected Competent Authorities in Kraljevo


The workshop for competent authorities “Techniques for the Preparation of Integrated Permits According to IED Principles” was held on 5-6th October 2016 at Kraljevo. The workshop was attended by the representatives of selected local self-governments and Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, IPPC Department, as the competent authorities for issuing integrated permits.

On the first day of the workshop was presented template of integrated permit for farms and were held practical exercises on the case of farm AVIPROM 2011. Topics that presented at this workshop by domestic and foreign experts on the project were: emissions into the atmosphere, waste waters, soil and ground-waters pollution, waste and byproducts management, accidents and noise (presentation and case studies).

Representatives of the selected local self-governments presented the status of the application for integrated permit and other documentation, as well as the current problems related to the protection of the environment.

On the second day of the workshop was realized a visit to broiler farm AVIPROM 2011 that owns integrated permit.

The workshop agenda and presentations can be seen here. Photos from the workshop are available in the Gallery tab.