About the Project

General objective of the project is to support the Serbian Competent Authorities and operators in the adoption of a sustainable approach for the implementation of the IPPC/IE Directive in the intensive rearing sector, considering the connections with other Directives and the specificity of the involved installations. This will enhance the approximation of Serbia to the transposition and implementation of IED and related Directives.

The project is implemented by the Cleaner Production Centre of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia. The project is funded by the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade and it lasts for two years, from April 2015 to April 2017.

Different activities will be organized within the project; such as joint workshops for competent authorities and operators, visits to selected production facilities, training for representatives of Local Self-Governments and environmental inspection, as well as active participation in the preparation of integrated permits. The project will support ten selected operators in preparation of integrated permits applications and other relevant documentation, and ten LSGs in preparation of draft permits. Representatives of other operators and LSGs will also have the opportunity to work with the team of international and local experts through participation in workshops and through the project office.

Expected results:

  • to increase enforcement of IPPC regulation among operators from intensive rearing sector by covering full chain from applications via permits to the needed inspections for the implementation
  • to increase the number and quality of BAT assessments submitted by operators and to set up ELVs according to BAT requirements
  • to increase the number and improve the quality of the applications and supporting documents provided by operators from the intensive rearing sector so that they are in compliance with IED requirements
  • to increase the number and improve the quality of integrated permits for farms issued by CAs in compliance with IED requirements
  • to secure monitoring and control of issued IPPC permits through the defined methods for inspection
  • to increase the capacity and awareness of relevant stakeholders